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Is Water With Iron in It Okay to Use on Plants? - Home Guides

While it may not be enjoyable to drink iron-rich water, in most cases it won& 39;t harm you. Adding iron-rich water containing ferrous iron helps to treat the condition, as does the addition of sulfur and soil treatments that reduce t

All Things Gardening forum Water very high in iron -

But will the iron harm my plants? I try to let the water run in the hose and clear before I start to water or use it on plants and this seems to help. I think a lot of rust Does anyone else have this problem? What have you done to&nbs

Is Well Water Bad For Plants? Should You Stop Using It

First, let& 39;s go through some hazards in well water that could harm your plants – or you. iron water stain Water with high levels of iron can cause brown or orange stains on stone, concrete, and porcelain. Too much iron in your

The Effect of Excess Iron in Plants - Sciencing

While plants are not well-equipped to deal with too much iron in their soil, they do have deli e mechanisms that control how much iron they absorb, especially if there is too The amount of water and carbon dioxide available to a pla

Is rust from a steel rainwater barrel harmful to edible plants

Rust is iron oxide, which does not harm plants in moderate amounts, because it is not water soluble unless the soil ph is very low. In fact, oxidized iron is what gives most red subsoils their color. Watering your plants with this water w

High levels of iron in well water 295794 - Ask Extension

6 Jan 20 6 has 20 ppm iron. I have been told by water treatment companies that such levels are not safe for livestock to drink and will kill. Will build-up in garden soil eventually cause vegetable plants to not do well? Montr

Iron- will it harm a garden Homesteading Forum

27 Aug 2008 There is a chance we will end up with high iron water. Can I use that water for the garden? But only if it won& 39;t harm my plants or soil. Anyone with any experience? Does iron affect pH? I have my soil tested ev

Iron stress in plants - NCBI - NIH

30 Jul 2002 It can act alytically via the Fenton reaction to generate hydroxyl radicals, which can damage lipids, proteins and DNA. Plants must therefore respond to iron stress in terms of both iron deficiency and iron overload. Re

Will Rusty Water Nourish Plants? eHow

Many people believe that adding rusty water -- or old iron shavings or nails -- to plant pots or garden soil will nourish their plants by adding extra iron to the soil. Heavy use of high-phosphate commercial fertilizers can slow iron

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