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ELI5: Why does Google Chrome have 0 or more processes

Chrome uses different processes not just for tabs, each extension also gets its own process and there are a couple of additional utility processes. You can see which processes are running by opening the Chrome task manager Chrome menu &

Why does Google Chrome have approximately 0 entries in - Reddit

7 May 20 7 If you have 5 extensions then when you start Chrome you will already have 8 processes. You can I& 39;d been assuming I had a Trojan or something keylogging me and my lazy ass couldn& 39;t be bothered running a scan for

Why does chrome create so many processes and hog - Reddit

Right after booting, Chrome has created 5 processes hogging about 800 MB RAM. It& 39;s likely taking up to much memory because you have a lot of extensions installed. Try disabling them all and only using the essential ones. MB H

Two tabs open in Chrome. Why does it need 8 processes - Reddit

My two tabs are Gmail and a Google docs spreadsheet. So why does my Task Manager say that I have eight "chrome.exe *32" processes running, for a total of 500mb of RAM? Just trying to understand what& 39;s going on and if there&

Why does chrome have so many processes running in task - Reddit

Sometimes my Chrome gets sluggish or crashes, and I check in process manager and there are a dozen or more instances of chrome, taking various …

5 instances of Chrome.exe *32 running. Is this normal? - Reddit

If you open the Chrome Task Manager shift escape or menu -> tools -> task manager you can see what each of the processes is for. I have a total of 8 processes, with 5 tabs open and 8 extensions. 2.

Why so many Chrome.exe processes ? : build - Reddit

26 Feb 202 This is no different than having one chrome.exe process using several threads within it; this is the way the to end chrome.exe as a task, ending the one using the most memory will kill the rest of the tasks automatical

Multiple Google Chrome processes on Task Manager. Why? - Reddit

The issue of Google Chrome processes. I have opened only one tab and Task Manager shows 20 processes. Does anyone else have this problem? Chrome browser will add https prefix to the URL entered by the user by default · NEWS

Why does Chrome create like 50 processes for a single tab - Reddit

Why does Chrome create like 50 processes for a single tab in a single window, slowing down my computer? HELP · r/chrome Chrome has a feature called & 39;site isolation& 39;, which runs every single instance within Chrome as its

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