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Soldering Iron Tip stuck - a write-off? - Modelling Questions, Help

26 Jan 20 0 Although having said that, you can get an antex 40W iron for a tenner, so it does beg the question if it is really worth it or not? I would suspect that the amount of abuse the iron is going to get removing the stuck tip,

How to change stuck soldering iron tip All About Circuits

Aug 20 4 de-oxit works pretty good for removing rust. just make sure if you use any liquid rust remover to get the iron COMPLETELY DRY before reassembly. the stuff will boil and might go boom when it gts up to temp.

Tips for Removing Seized Soldering Iron Tip? : StainedGlass - Reddit

27 Mar 20 6 Anyone have any tips for removing a seized soldering iron tip? I have an older model 00-Watt Weller iron that I picked up at an estate sale, but I …

Be Very Careful When Drilling Out a Stuck Soldering Iron Tip

26 Jun 20 4 Buy yourself one of these soldering irons www. /Soldering-Adjustable-Temperature-60Watt-392%C2%B0F/dp/B00DE8I6L0/ref=sr 30?ie=UTF8 and qid= 4

Soldering iron tip stuck to the heating element?? - MUFF WIGGLER

5 Feb 20 7 Sometimes heating the iron up without the retaining cap will loosen the tip and you can carefully pull it off with pliers. There is also an anti-seize compound that one can get to put on the tips before installing them on i

Stuck soldering iron tip - AR 5.COM

6 Aug 20 8 I went to change the tip on my Hakko 888 soldering iron, but the darn thing is stuck. I mean it is REALLY Why not remove the locking collar and slit the sleeve part of the tip with a Dremel abrasive wheel. That should

How to Care for Soldering Tips Weller Tools

The tip of any soldering iron is the most critical component in the performance of the tool. Excess solder can end up in the socket or base and cause short circuits and jammed switches. Before soldering, use alcohol and a clean cl

Stuck soldering tip MIG Welding Forum

24 Dec 20 8 Tis the time of good will to all men, so I will wait. But back to OP post. Warm the iron up to melt solder, dip in vinegar. Try to remove by as said

Stuck iron tip - Antique Radio Forums View topic

I& 39;m trying to remove a tightly stuck copper tip from an American Beauty 00w. soldering iron, it& 39;s the type where the tip fits into a hole in the end of the heating element and is held in place by a setscrew. I got the screw out,

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