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The iron oxide in the sand is attracted to the strong magnetic field produced by the magnet the man is holding. Photograph by MaryLou Naccarato, MyShot. Black sand on the beaches of La Ventanilla, Mexico, is magnetized. The iron.

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Magnetic Field,. The term magnetism comes from the region of Magnesia, a city in Western Turkey, where Greeks found lodestones, which attracted iron pieces across the space. It is also observed that, magnets attract as well as repel. We

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Ferromagnetism is the basic mechanism by which certain materials such as iron form permanent magnets, or are attracted to magnets. In physics, several different types of magnetism are distinguished. Ferromagnetism is the strongest type&

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A piece of iron ordinarily will be attracted to a magnet, but when you heat the iron to a high enough temperature called the Curie point , it loses its ability to be magnetized. Heat energy scrambles the iron atoms so they can& 39;t line

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Materials that are attracted to a magnet; iron, cobalt, nickel and steel are all magnetic materials. magnetism, A non-contact force. nickel, A metal that is a magnetic material. north pole

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20 Sep 20 9 As a result, it creates a noticeable magnetic field around the metal. fields. Soft materials with low magnetic properties, such as annealed iron and steel, are examples of temporary Most steels will be attracted to

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I am working on a science project on whether or not there is a difference in how magnets attract metal that is and is not is not ferromagnetic, but it does still respond to a magnetic field and will be attracted to the poles of a perm

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25 Jan 20 3 keywords: iron, magnet, magnetism, magnetic field, field lines, Faraday, filings, ferromagnetism, lodestone in Greece, India and China knew about naturally magnetic materials called lodestones, which attracted bits of

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of iron and so can also be made into a magnet. If these metals have not been turned into a permanent magnet they will still be attracted to a magnet if placed within a magnetic field. In this situation they act as a magnet - but only whil

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