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6 Jun 20 7 These properties must be considered when selecting a rise rate, solids loading, and bed depth for a thickener. strategies figure 3 keep the thickener inventory constant through feedback from either bed level or press

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3 Dec 2009 Bed mass is calculated based on the total volume of combined water and solids in the tank and the total hydrostatic pressure measured near the bottom of the tank. As the specific gravity of water is a known constant, the ma

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thickener. The clear zone, which is the clear overflow liquor, is essentially free of solids in most appli ions. The hindered settling thickener and, on the other hand, the bed pressure from falling so low that the underflow density

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Thickener and in turn, increase the retention rate within the Thickener. This hydraulically allows a greater settling out of solids, which in turn will allow the process plant to once again increase production. Pressure transmitters

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Some of the process variables that are commonly monitored on a thickener are torque, rake height, bed level, bed pressure, feed rate and density, underflow rate and density, settling rate, and overflow turbidity. Many of these are easily&

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The dependent variables include rake torque, underflow density, overflow turbidity, solids interface level bed depth , solids inventory bed pressure , solids settling rate and underflow viscosity. The research problem in question is tha

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The most popular methods are: manual samples, hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy-based system, fixed position ultrasound, mud The term “bed level” is widely used in the industry to refer to different settling phases in the thickener figu

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Bed Pressure SP. Bed Pressure. Disturbances increasing in CCD circuit. 0. 20. 40. 60. 80. 00. Bed Pressure OP. Percent. CCD5 Thickener. Bed Pressure SP. Bed Pressure. Unacceptably amplified fluctuations, control solution required. 0. 20

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are widely available. 2.2 Thickener inventory level. Thickeners accumulate solids to create the bed pressure necessary to achieve dewatering. During steady state operation, the long-term solids withdrawal rate should match the feed rate.

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